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  2. "Doctor? You said to call if he lasted longer than four hours."

    This is the first caption I’ve submitted to the New Yorker Contest, and I am blown away that it’s not a finalist.

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    Vectoring Cheeseburger Batman (at landPhil)

  5. Godzilla!!! Great film.

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    Billy on the Street: For a Dollar with Elena

    Everyone’s favorite Billy on the Street contestant is back! Elena joins Billy Eichner for a very special version of For a Dollar!

    Unreal. I would watch this half-hour sitcom.

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    by John Larriva 


  8. Comedy Central Has Decided To Not Pick Up The Chris Gethard Show


    I got word about ten days ago that Comedy Central was going into high gear deciding if they wanted to air TCGS. This past weekend, I was in a sandwich shop in Toronto when I got a tough call – after much debate, Comedy Central have decided that TCGS is not for them.

    Obviously this is a huge bummer, and there are a lot of feelings to sort out here. I’m sad it won’t be going down. I feel like I let my friends down. I’m definitely a bit shell-shocked – it’s been a crazy six months and I was pretty convinced for a moment there that it might actually happen.

    Most of all though, I feel grateful.

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    Tough break for TCGS, but a BIG BIG BIG opportunity for another network!

    Who will take up the torch???